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What would happen if you ignore cleaning the air duct system in your home? Understand the reasons why you need to have clean ducts here. Get your answers about the value of air duct cleaning, the importance of the procedure in regards to bad odor removal and the usual mistakes with duct installation.

Can cleaning help with odors?

Yes. In many cases stale or unpleasant odors can originate in dirty ducts and vents. Unclean vents can accumulate dirt, which allows mildew or mold to develop. This can cause stale musty odors throughout your home. Duct cleaning will remove the source of any of these odors, effectively and efficiently eliminating them from your home. If you have become aware of a stale or musty odor within your home and are struggling to pinpoint a cause, then air duct cleaning is probably a good idea.

Why should I need to have my air ducts cleaned?

Generally, it is advisable to have your air duct system cleaned every four or five years. This can remove the accumulation of debris and dirt within the ducts. This debris can build up even if you are diligent with replacing your filters frequently. Air Duct Cleaning San Gabriel's specialists say that filters cannot collect all the particles of dirt and when they are allowed to accumulate, it can encourage bacteria growth. This creates potential health risks as contaminants are circulated each time you use your system.

What are the most common mistakes with air duct installation?

When air ducts are too long and follow complex routes, air will cover longer distance to reach the room and there is a high chance of energy loss. According to the experience of Air Duct Cleaning San Gabriel, many ducts go up, down, left and right and, as a result, they can be damaged easier. Air duct repair is difficult but you cannot change their direction unless you do air duct replacement.

Is it okay if I let the cleaning lady handle the air duct cleaning?

It depends if she’s trained to do the job. Professional air duct cleaners and servicemen have the proper equipment and knowledge on how to work on HVAC systems and air ducts. Nonetheless, a clean environment contributes to the cleanliness of the air ducts as well.

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