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HVAC cleaning, top air duct maintenance!

Lengthen the life of your air ducts. Learn the most effective steps to making them squeaky clean.

HVAC requires proper maintenance

HVAC units are complex machines that require proper maintenance. If it shows some problems, turning it off and on again wouldn’t fix anything. Malfunctioning units affect the entire air duct system since they work hand-in-hand. The instruction manual gives tips on how to maintain the HVAC unit.

Clean the filters properly

Most HVAC manufacturers place filters at points where they can be reached easily making air filter cleaning easy. Experts from Air Duct Cleaning San Gabriel recommend removing them often and wash them properly under the running water but you need to let them dry well before you place them back. You will have the chance to search for damages and, in this case, air filter replacement is definitely required.

Seal the ducts properly

Make sure that the entire air duct system is not only properly sealed, but also properly insulated, especially in the non-air conditioned areas in your home, such as the attic. This move will avoid build up of moisture which is often caused by condensation of water. Insulation prevents condensation, per se.

Use heating tape wraps on air ducts

Air duct coating repair is vital but if you insulate air ducts in an unconditioned room, the area will be colder because there will be no heating sources to keep the temperatures in moderate levels. Water pipes might break during the winter without heating tape wraps.

Prevent allergies

Filthy air ducts will worsen your respiratory problems, cause asthma and a number of allergies, which can be chronic if you breathe contaminated air in confined environments for years. Air duct cleaning and repair are definitely recommended to prevent such issues but annual HAVC and air duct maintenance will also be required. This way, indoor environments will be free of contaminants.

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